Perspective – Redefined by MSI

The PANOCAM is an advanced wireless video camera with a fisheye lens.
It enables you to always keep track of the things you care about, with its superior image quality.

Sound Activated –
Full control from across the room

The PANOCAM app helps you set the device up,
even offering the option of setting it up
with the help of sound for maximum ease.

About Audio Setup

Memories in Time-Lapse

Time-lapse video saves you time in organizing memories.
The simple app interface gives you video settings
and playback at your fingertips.

About Time-Lapse Recording

Release the Fisheye

Give 360°-life to images in the app through the use of OpenGL technology.

The ultimate in streamlined functionality

360-degree angle

Full HD

Two-way communication



Easy Setup

Local Recording

Supports local recording and
remote schedule setup

Time-Lapse Recording

Time-lapse video saves your time
when organizing memories

Android, iOS, Web, one-in-all, and all-in-one

The best choice for you