Panoramic Wi-Fi Camera

3 perspectives, 6 unrivaled advantages,
and nothing out of range

360° fish-eye lens power

The fisheye lens has a 360-degree viewing angle,
300% than conventional 120-degree wide angle lens
overlook not a single corner.

Easy, 3-step setup

Using the audio pairing technology is as simple as Power On and Playing Audio with your phone app.
It lets you connect within moments.

HD-quality images

Plays back every detail with perfect clarity, at a 1600x1600 resolution with H.264 compression.

Remote monitoring is a snap with easy uploading and sharing

Unlimited video-sharing with up to 2 people viewing at once. Setup is easily done through the app, easily authorizing friends and family to watch your video streams from anywhere in the world.

*Unlimited sharing, with up to 2 people viewing online at the same time.

Two-Way Communication

The sensitive microphone records even the most minute of sounds for you.
You can also enable the app’s talk-back function, let communication be two-way!

Easy Wi-Fi portability means no boundaries, no limits.

With Wi-Fi straight to the Internet you don't need any PC or cables to enjoy your recorded videos. Access your stream instantly, no matter where you are.